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What is the purpose of Facebook Business Pages?

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn business pages are in place simply so that people can create pages that represent themselves as a business, rather than just themselves personally. It allows people to understand when they come to the page that what they are looking at is a business.

How Do Facebook Business Pages Work?
Facebook business pages function slightly differently than personal pages in that people are invited to "Like" the page rather than be on your friends list. So instead of searching for friends, you'd basically invite people to "like" your page, which would then show your friends list that's associated with your personal profile. Anyone who "likes" the Facebook business page will see the status updates in their news feed.

Having a Facebook page also allows you to run Facebook ads and schedule out status updates to dates in the future.

We also recommend you use your Facebook business page for all work-specific updates, that way you can be sure that you're keeping business and personal separate. That way people on your personal page friends list who may not want to see your business-related updates won't see them.

Inviting Friends to "Like" Your Business Page

This is an important part of having a business page so that you can make sure you get a good head start on exposure for it.

To invite friends to like your Page:
  1. Click the icon that looks like 3 dots on the bottom right of your Page's cover photo (see example on this page).
  2. Select Invite Friends.
  3. Click Search All Friends to select a list or type a friend's name in the search box.
  4. Click Invite next to the friends you want to invite.

Note: In order to create a Facebook business page, you have to have a Facebook personal profile created first since the two are linked together and use the same login. You don't have to fill out the personal profile, but it has to at least be created.

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