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How can I use my Google+ page effectively?

Here are some tips on how to start engaging people on Google+ and getting more traffic to your page!


1. Connect with People.
First, search for people you know. See the video demo below on where to find people you might know using Google+. If you’re logged into Google+ now, you can also click here to go right to the “Find People” page.

2. Create circles.
Circles are categorized groups of people within Google+, such as family, friends, colleagues, and so on. Creating specific circles can help you target your posts on Google+ just to those circles. Need some help creating circles? Click here for more info.

3. Post New and Interesting Content
Your Google+ updates should be meaningful to your audience and targeted to the right circles. While posting an update, you’ll have the option right away of choosing the circle(s) it will go out to. This will help spark engagement with the right people.

4. Host Google+ Hangouts
Hangouts are group video chats you can host up to 10 Google+ members. You can advertise a hangout on your SMARTblog as an event, and then provide an informational session or answer questions related to your field. This will also allow people to get to know you!

5. Host Google+ Huddles
“Huddles” is the term Google+ uses for group chats. If you didn’t want to host a video chat, you can host a text chat instead and do a question and answer session, then post some of the questions and answers covered on your SMARTblog afterwards.

6. Above All, Be Active!
Aside from posting your own content, dedicate a small amount of time per week commenting on others’ content on Google+ as well. This will allow people to more easily remember you on Google+ and will be more likely to check out your page.


The video below is a short demo that shows where to find the “People” tab in Google+ and how to then connect with people and add them to circles.

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