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How can I get more blog traffic?

Here are a few ways to help increase traffic to your blog:

1. Networking!
Writing articles relevant to your industry once in a while (in addition to the content we provide for you) can increase your own knowledge of the subject, and you can also participate in forums or events with other bloggers and let people know about your SMARTblog. Do a simple search on Google for blogger communities or communities for those in your industry.

2. Add Your Site to Your Email Signature
Your email signature is a digital business card. By including your blog URL with your email signature, those you communicate with will have easy access to your site.

3. Install and Learn Google Analytics
Google Analytics is absolutely essential for being able to track traffic to your SMARTblog, and we can help you link it with your SMARTblog. Just familiarizing yourself enough to see where visits originate and which sources drive traffic, you’ll learn what’s really working and what isn’t for bringing traffic to your site.

4. Participate in Q&A Sites
Websites such as answers.comQuora, and StackExchange, provide the ability to ask and answer questions. The great thing about this is you can answer a few questions in-depth by writing an actual blog post to tackle them, and then linking back to more information on your SMARTblog. You’ll especially get traffic this way if people like your answer or if you become known as someone who regularly posts insightful and meaningful responses.

5. Use Your Email Connections to Promote Your Blog 
Send out a mass email to all your contacts telling them to check out your new SMARTblog and what you plan to provide on it. Let them know it will be updated every business day with new content (if you have our content subscription) and tell them to contact you with any suggestions they might have.

6. Include Useful Resources On Your Blog
We encourage our SMARTblog clients to take advantage of our SMARTblog User Manual because it will show you how to make basic edits on your site. With these short demo videos, you can learn how to add links to helpful resources for your SMARTblog visitors and put them on the sidebar of your site. WordPress has functionality built-in for this, and it’s called a blogroll. See a tutorial on adding a blogroll link to your site here.

7. How to Review Your SMARTblog User Manual
When you log in, on the dashboard you’ll see MySMARTblog User Manual – if you click this, then click “Videos”, you’ll be able to see a number of short video demos that will show you how to edit items on your site yourself if you’d like. See the screenshot attached to this article (link below) for a reference.

In addition to these tips, we also have a more detailed sheet of activities you can do to get more site traffic below as well as an e-Book "A Step Beyond the Blog" to help drive more traffic in the links below!

A Step Beyond the Blog e-Book

Site Traffic Tips PDF

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