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Is your content completely unique? I only want unique content.

We unfortunately can't provide unique content at the price point of $97/month for 20+ articles (which is our content-only subscription price), since unique content is much more expensive.

We do offer a unique content subscription that starts at usually around $1000 a month for up to 8 posts a month. The time involved in not only writing high quality unique content but planning and researching the articles takes a large amount of time. For a unique content quote, fill out our form here.

We have a few different content channels. Our most popular channels are our Mortgage and Real Estate content channels. Clients in the same industry channel will receive the same articles. Since custom content for each person would be cost prohibitive, we have crated this system of content distribution so you may have high quality industry specific content delivered to your blog at an affordable price.  

We do agree that having unique content is preferred and so we suggest to many of our customers to edit and personalize the posts in your blog that you receive from us.  

You can customize our blog articles any way that you want. We suggest that you add your own information, opinions, or make it relevant to your area.  

We find that if you can edit and personalize one to two blog posts a week you will find much more success with your sales funnel and sphere of influence marketing plan.  

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