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My site is not as high on search engines anymore, and I'm no longer seeing localization keywords in my blog posts.

You did have localization set up at one time for your blog, but we have stripped out that functionality for now. The reason for that is, in order to get the custom localization tags in the blog posts, we had to put merge fields in our articles that would pull the state/city/neighborhood names for each customer and insert them in. So then we had to make sure our articles were written in a certain way to make sense as far as where the merge fields were, and it turned out being a very time-intensive and error-prone process for a large customer base receiving our content. It can end up not being worth it with this method just in the things that can possibly go wrong in the process.

We are considering possible ways that we can add this functionality back in but make it more automated and streamlined especially since we are growing as a company.

That being said, the google algorithm changes are indeed what accounts for most if not all of your rank changes. The localization keywords are not going to make all that much of a difference in the long run. What we would suggest instead of doing daily keyword optimizations like that, is actually once per week going in and writing a unique blog post of your own with all your keywords and layer it on top of our content that we send out. This will get you better engagement, you'll have completely unique content on your blog (not just repeated keywords), and better chance of ranking well on the search engines.

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