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How can I adjust how many blogs appear on my homepage?

Note: The instructions below apply to most of our themes, but we do have a theme that displays blog posts a little differently and can't be adjusted per the steps below. If you don't see a widget called "Genesis - Featured Widget Amplified" or "Genesis Sandbox - Featured Content" in the location that the instructions below describe, then your theme works differently. In this case, just contact us at support@mysmartblog.com and will help you adjust the blog posts.

Adjusting the number of blogs shown on your homepage as well as altering various attributes about what is shown is easy! The following few steps walk you through this quick process:

  • Login to your SMARTblog by using your URL or going to mysmartblog.com and clicking "Member Login" along the top navigation bar (for assistance or lost login info, please email: support@mysmartblog.com)
  • Once you reach your Dashboard, Click on "Widgets" under the "Appearance" tab (See Screenshot).
  • To the far right you will see a section titled "Featured Bottom", expand this section by clicking on it (See Screenshot).
  • Under "Featured Bottom", expand the section titled "Genesis - Featured Widget Amplified" or "Genesis - Featured  by clicking it (See Screenshot).
  • From here, you can edit many things. Where you see the field "Number of Posts to Show", this is where you are able to edit how many posts are shown on your site's homepage (See Screenshot).
  • Other popular options you have within this menu include: Content type (full post/excerpts), show/hide author photo, show/hide post date & author, etc).
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