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Creating and Installing a Facebook Tracking Pixel

Get the most out of your Facebook ads and put to use the ability to track conversions!

For those who are not familiar with the idea behind Facebook Tracking (or Conversion) pixels, let us explain! Conversion pixels can be placed on specific pages of your website such as Check Out/Shopping Cart pages or Thank You pages. These pixels are placed on a page using code and are used to track traffic that has arrived at a certain page. These pixels can track which viewers arrived at a specific page based on which Ad they clicked on. This information can be used to determine the effectiveness of specific Facebook ads.

1) Click the Conversion Tracking tab in the Ads Manager. The screen should look like this:

 2) Click the green “Create Pixel” button on the Conversion tracking screen and you’ll get a popup window asking you to agree to the terms of service. Confirm it then you’ll be able to create your pixel.

3) The screen below will be your next screen. Give your pixel a name and choose the best category for your desired goal (example: Leads).

4) Once the Pixel is created, you’ll see the code displayed on the next page. Copy and paste the code between the <head> and </head> tags on the web page where your conversion is complete (contact your webmaster if you need help doing this. Just copy the code and send it to them to implement).

Example: To track leads, you would place the code on the “Thank You” page that visitors land on after entering their information.

This is what the screen will look like after your conversion pixel is created:

 For more information on Facebook Tracking Pixels, visit the section of their help center here.

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