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Can I change the theme/layout of my site?

The short answer is yes, absolutely!

All of our current MySMARTblog customers can switch their website's theme using our Site Refresher option. This one-time fee will include a re-design of the site and cover the cost of any additional design work necessary to update your current SMARTblog to one of our newer themes. Along with the theme change and re-design, this will also give us the chance to review your current site and see if there are any additional services we offer that you can benefit from. This is a great opportunity for our customers to make sure the content, pages, and images on their site are current and relevant with today's market. 

All of our themes are always available for viewing on the Theme Options page of our website so you can decide which look you like best.

For more information or to order our site refresher service, you can view the page here.

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