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How do I point my domain name to my new website?

As you probably already know, once you purchase a domain name, you will need to set up the domain so that it will point to your new site. If you've never done this before, don't worry - it's actually pretty easy after you figure out how to do it the first time.

If you've already purchased a domain name, most domain registrars will allow you to manage what they call the "DNS zone records" where you can manage where the domains will point to. 

The way we often suggest doing it is by changing what's called the "a" record which is changed within the DNS Zone. This will make it so your website will point to the right place and the domain will show in the address bar (instead of the old site URL that shows there beforehand).

If GoDaddy is your domain registrar, follow the steps below to change the "a" record to point to your new site. (Note: if you don't have GoDaddy, the steps will be similar, but not necessarily exactly the same. You can still use these steps as a guide).

1. Log in to GoDaddy and on the top menu, hover your mouse over "Domains" then click "Manage My Domains"

2. Click the domain you want to use for your site.

3. You should be taken to a "Domain Details" page, which will have three tabs on the page titled "Settings", "DNS Zone File" and "Contacts". You'll want to select "DNS Zone File". 

4. Once you've clicked the DNS Zone File tab, you should arrive at a screen that looks like this: http://screencast.com/t/AtJmI5MU

5. You should see an entry already in there with an "@" symbol or a "www" that points to an IP address. This is the "a" record. In the screenshot, it is pointing to - this is the correct IP address that you'll need to change your IP address to as well, as it will likely show a different number in there when you see it. See screenshot to see where to edit this record: http://screencast.com/t/xl4YiIv2V

6. Once you are editing the record, just replace the number with Once changed, you should be able to click the green "Finish" button.

7. Once you click "Finish" and are taken back to the main DNS Zone File screen, you'll see a red bar that asks you to "Save Changes" to confirm the change. Click "Save Changes" to confirm and you are all good to go!

8. Now all you need to do is let us know at support@mysmartblog.com when you've completed all these steps, and we will make sure to do what we need to do on our end as well to make sure your domain is working properly!

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