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My content delivery report says the post was published successfully but I don't see it on my blog!

It could be that your post actually got in to the dashboard of your site but is in "Missed Schedule" status, which is kind of similar to "draft" status - so it's not showing on your site. Ever since the upgrade to the newest version of WordPress, every once in a while if a server is slow while trying to either post or receive content, this might happen - other than that we're not yet sure why it does (I guess it's better than the post not getting in there at all!).

But if it happens again in the future where the content delivery report says that it was published successfully and you don't see it on the blog, you can try logging in to your site dashboard and looking at your posts to see if there is one in there in Missed Schedule status. If so, you can just go into the post and click "Update" to publish it (if you need help with this just write into support@mysmartblog.com and let us know).

Once you publish it on the site, it should automatically then send to your social media networks (granted that you have social media syndication set up).

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