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How do I share my videos on social media?

There are a few ways to do it! 

Method #1 - Publish Your Video Posts

Aside from your video library with a list of all the videos, the videos are also uploaded as individual posts in "draft" status, meaning that they are in the dashboard of your site but not live on your site yet.

You can at any time log into your site, go to your "Posts" section, then click "Drafts" - you should see 30 draft posts there (or potentially more if you have entered in your own posts and saved them as a draft).

You can take a look at the titles, click the one you want to publish, then it should take you into that video post.

From there, you can click the blue "Publish" button on the right side of the screen and it will be live on your site! 

If you have your blog posts going out to your social media networks automatically (like most of you who have websites with us will), then that post will be shared to them a few minutes after you publish it.

Method #2 - Share via the social sharing buttons at the bottom of each video

This one doesn't need quite as much explanation as the first, but in your video library page that you'll have linked on the navigation bar of your site, there are actually embed and share options at the bottom of each video! See the attached file to this article to see an example of what they looks like (link at bottom).

How to embed the video on another page: Click the "embed" button as shown in the above linked screenshot, and it'll generate a piece of code right next to the button (can be a bit difficult to see at first because it's not huge!). You can just copy and paste this piece of code into another webpage for the video to display there. 

You can also use multiple embed codes from different videos and paste them all on a page to display the multiple videos.

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